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Broadway offers a wide selection of foam types and densities sold by the linear foot and cut to your required size and shape -while you wait, at no additional cost.

We can supply foam for any application including sofa, cushions, chairs, marine, car interiors, commercial furnishing, restaurant seating, window seating, bench seating, headboards, mattress, packaging and much more! 

Call Store or Visit the store. We will help you choose the right foam for your project.

■ Cushion Foam
■ Polyurethane Foam
■ Foam Slabs
■ Dacron & Fibre Padding
■ Blue Foam

■ Closed Cell Foam
■ Egg Shell Foam
■ Foam Bolsters
■ Cerex Backed Foam
■ Qualux Foam

■ Grey Open Cell Foam
■ Mattress Foam
■ Memory Foam
■ Ultra Cell Foam
■ Filter Foam

■ Outdoor Foam 
■ Outdoor Fibre Padding
■ Deck Padding 1/4" thick
■ Rebond Foam
■ Foam Adhesives